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Millions of medical imaging end-users currently have, or by the end of this year will have, operating systems that have a high security risk level. Many facilities are still using a Windows 7 Operating System, or older system, that will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of 10/30/2020 (

We highly recommend any Windows 7 OS  or older computer to be upgraded to Windows 10 so that your facility continues to conform to HIPAA guidelines. Equipment systems with unsupported operating systems, such as Windows 7, have a high security risk.

Our RescueRAD team has consulted with several OEMs for upgrade options for your facility’s PC Console which can include X-Ray DR, workstations, and other compatible hardware. Much of the existing hardware and OEM software that is using Windows 7 or older is not compatible with Windows 10.

This problem will lead to a significant number of radiology departments to be operating outside of HIPAA compliance.  Contact our RescueRAD team today for a free consultation!

XtreMed Rebrands to National Imaging Solutions After Acquisition & Announces New Turn-Key Medical Imaging Solution Approach for Clinicians

January 28, 2020

HOUSTON — XtreMed Enterprise kicks off 2020 by rebranding to National Imaging Solutions. The rebrand follows XtreMed’s acquisition by Four Wire Investments in 2019 and an injection of growth capital to deliver on a new strategic vision – to become one of the nation’s leading providers of new medical imaging equipment, service and software solutions.

“We are looking forward to continuing to support XtreMed’s current clients with the same outstanding services they are used to,” says CEO Arleigh Halterman. “Our goal is to become a one-stop-shop for any quick deployment of medical imaging solutions ­– no matter the size, modality or budget. You can expect all of this with a strong focus on honesty, transparency and cooperation.”

National Imaging Solutions will continue to support top medical professionals around the country, providing equipment consultations, servicing and auditing to ensure system performance and uptime at all times. Customers are provided 24/7 technical support with the help of their emergency radiology technicians, a team aptly named RescueRAD.

As a service-disabled military veteran, Halterman says he understands the importance of readily available and high-quality medical imaging. “I know first-hand how patients feel when they need an imaging study done as soon as possible,” he says. “Our job at National Imaging Solutions is to help people and fix things – and the ultimate benefactor of that mission is the patient.”

National Imaging Solutions delivers the fastest response time to clinician’s imaging equipment demands, providing comprehensive services to ensure that they can focus on what they do best – successful patient outcomes.

Arleigh Halterman

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