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DynaRad developed their first portable x-ray machine over 30 years ago to service remote patients. Since then, these machines have played a critical role in saving countless lives and have inspired a whole new category of imaging equipment. Our latest designs are more powerful and lighter than ever, providing unmatched reliability with bigger savings.

DynaRad Portable

DynaRad Portable is the only portable x-ray unit that’s under $40k and battery-powered. The unit is a nimble 70lbs beating out comparable competition that weighs at least 30-50lbs more. The DynaRad Portable is not only perfect for your hard to reach scans, but packs a big battery too – getting 200+ exposures on a single battery charge.

The HF500 is agile and flexible. It is lightweight and moves quickly to make optimal positioning easier, and minimize disturbance for the patient. For cost effective patient outcomes, fast deployment, and state-of-the-art functionality, the HF500 is simply the best in the field.

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Micro-X Rover

When your space, workflow, and terrain are unpredictable, the Micro-X Rover is your solution.

Utilizing our unique Carbon Nanotube Technology, the Rover combines the lightweight maneuverability with high precision imaging to deliver critical diagnostics in the toughest situations your hospital, ER, urgent care, or other medical facility may face.

By ensuring fast deployment while only weighing 209 lbs, the Rover delivers hospital grade power to facilities of all types and sizes. This machine is agile and flexible with key design features to make optimal positioning easier for better patient imaging outcomes.

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DynaVet HF30

Veterinary Digital Radiography Solutions

DynaRad introduces a fixed digital radiology system with DynaVet HF30 for your companion, small animal practice that combines simplicity, personalization, and enhanced diagnostic imaging processing.

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