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Windows Update and HIPAA Guidelines

Windows Update and HIPAA Guidelines

Millions of medical imaging end-users currently have, or by the end of this year will have, operating systems that have a high security risk level. Many facilities are still using a Windows 7 Operating System, or older system, that will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of 10/30/2020 (

We highly recommend any Windows 7 OS or older computer to be upgraded to Windows 10 so that your facility continues to conform to HIPAA guidelines. Equipment systems with unsupported operating systems, such as Windows 7, have a high security risk.

Our RescueRAD team has consulted with several OEMs for upgrade options for your facility’s PC Console which can include X-Ray DR, workstations, and other compatible hardware. Much of the existing hardware and OEM software that is using Windows 7 or older is not compatible with Windows 10.

This problem will lead to a significant number of radiology departments to be operating outside of HIPAA compliance. Contact our RescueRAD team today for a free consultation!

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