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Transitioning from Computed Radiology to Digital Radiology

Transitioning from Computed Radiology to Digital Radiology

Is transitioning from Computed Radiology to Digital/Direct Radiology right for my facility?

Transitioning from computed radiology (CR) to digital or direct radiology (DR) has never been easier! We interviewed our medical imagery industry experts to help answer your questions and get you started on the right path for your digital conversion.

Why is it important to change from CR to DR?

Digital Radiology, otherwise known as Direct Radiology, is the future of radiology. More than 50% of facilities have already converted their systems. The United States government’s Meaningful Use Protocols helped to encourage many locations to transition to avoid reimbursements from being dropped.

But that’s not even the best part!

CR to DR conversion means more than just an upgrade to your medical imaging systems. Utilizing a DR system will increase processing time while decreasing patient wait times. This frees your radiologic technologists so they can serve other patients or tend to other jobs within your facility.

Enjoy ease of access to high quality images that can be viewed across multiple types of devices, not just computers! Image quality will increase visibility and access no matter where your team is working.

Is it difficult to move from one room to another?

It is not difficult to move from one room to another. Our team of experts can help you customize your system so it is the right fit for your facility. By transitioning from computed radiology to digital/direct radiology, your team will have ease of access to all their medical images. There are no moving parts needed to be PM’ed and maintained.

Do DR systems increase radiation?

DR systems do not have increased levels of radiation exposure to patients, technicians, or doctors. Utilizing DR means better quality with less radiation to everyone involved.

Is it difficult to change my facility’s equipment from CR to DR?

It can be difficult to change a facility’s equipment from CR to DR. Every system has unique features and functionality. Even more so, not all DR systems are created equal. Thankfully, our team is here to help you make the right decisions that will fit your facility’s system needs.

Can I upgrade from CR to DR using Windows 7?

Our RescueRAD team has consulted with several OEMs for upgrade options for your facility’s equipment which can include X-Ray DR, workstations, and other compatible hardware. Some of the existing hardware and OEM software that is using Windows 7 or older is not compatible with Windows 10. Check out our article over why transitioning to Windows 10 is important here.

This problem will lead to a significant number of radiology departments to be operating outside of HIPAA compliance. Contact our RescueRAD team today for a free consultation!

Is the return on investment higher with DR?

Absolutely. Long term costs are far less for DR systems than with CR. By upgrading your CR systems to DR, you and your team will be able to expedite results and patient thru put will be faster.

Still have questions?

Contact us to speak with our team of industry experts today!

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